Bill Finkbeiner

Bill’s political odyssey commenced at the tender age of 23, when he was elected to the legislature, eventually ascending to the role of Senate Majority Leader. 

Celebrated for his problem-solving prowess and ability to bridge partisan divides, Bill’s political acumen was lauded in publications such as the Post-Intelligencer and the Seattle Times. 

During his legislative tenure, Bill also embarked on a parallel professional journey at Microsoft as a full-time contractor for five years. Post-legislature, his entrepreneurial spirit led to the co-founding of Insight Schools, an online education provider, later acquired by the Apollo Group. Over the last 22 years, Bill has adeptly managed real estate investments, showcasing his versatility across different professional arenas. 

His academic credentials include an MBA from the University of Washington and a BA from Whitman College, further enriching his well-rounded profile. 

Bill’s community engagement mirrors his diverse career, having served on various local non-profit boards including 4Culture, Hopelink, County Parks Foundation, and Forterra. His professional ethos is to keep life intriguing while contributing to a brighter future for the community, with a current focus on identifying promising commercial and residential real estate investments for the medium to long term. 

An old news article from 2012 underscores Bill’s unique bipartisan approach, notably during his tenure as Senate Majority Leader where he fostered a collaborative legislative environment. 

His personal life, too, reflects a blend of diverse perspectives, with his wife Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner being an active Democrat and a staunch advocate for early childhood education. Their partnership embodies a shared commitment to active civic engagement, setting a compelling narrative of fostering understanding and collaborative action amidst differing political ideologies. 

The narrative of Bill’s life, both personal and professional, paints a picture of a dynamic individual dedicated to public service, entrepreneurial ventures, and community engagement, all underpinned by a spirit of bipartisanship and a drive for positive change.