Organizational Focus

The Eastside Community Development Fund provides support, advocacy, and funding for Public Private Partnerships where alignment on social impact initiatives exists. 

ECDF is a place where businesses and government can collectively invest their skills and finances to achieve deeper impact on complex social issues.  Furthermore, ECDF allows individuals and groups from every sector to join to address social issues through funding and volunteer opportunities.  

Aid table

The Eastside Community Development Fund provides community-wide advocacy and leadership for collectively adopted philanthropic and economic initiatives that strengthen the Eastside.

Children at fundraiser

ECDF also offers education regarding complex social issues with the goal of empowering the community to tackle social challenges impacting East King County.  

ECDF supports regional efforts to achieve functional zero homelessness on the Eastside by partnering with and aligning the resources and talents of government, business, philanthropy, and service providers.

The Eastside Community Development Fund is a connector and convenor; bringing the community together to have needed conversations that lead to high-impact solutions to complex social challenges. Connecting groups working on issues leads to deeper collaboration, solutions shaped by all those who are impacted by an issue, and more efficiency and effectiveness through interconnectedness.