Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace is a distinguished figure in the realm of real estate, with a career marked by exemplary achievements both in commercial property development and civic engagements. 

As the keystone of Wallace Properties, Kevin orchestrates the company’s development and acquisition operations, while also managing legal affairs across its three divisions: Brokerage, Property and Asset Management, and Investment/Development.

His professional journey commenced as a Real Estate Attorney at K&L Gates in 1997, transitioning to Foster Pepper in 2001. Wallace Properties, under Kevin’s aegis, has been a proponent of sustainable, transit-oriented mixed-use development projects across Seattle, Bellevue, and the broader Eastside suburbs. 

The firm’s portfolio boasts award-winning projects such as Citizen, 507 & 525 Northgate, The Eddy, and Prism, which are a testament to Kevin’s commitment to creating vibrant urban spaces.

Civic involvement runs parallel to Kevin’s professional undertakings. A proud Bellevue native, he served on the Bellevue City Council from 2008 to 2017, dedicating his tenure to pivotal transportation and public safety initiatives, including spearheading light rail negotiations and the successful passage of the 2016 Fire Facilities Levy. 

His focus extends to addressing salient community issues like transportation, housing, and homelessness. Kevin’s leadership permeates various community organizations, notably as the founder of the Eastside Community Development Fund, aimed at fostering collaboration between the Eastside’s business sphere and governmental entities to tackle pressing societal challenges. 

His roles in the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and Congregations for the Homeless further underscore his unwavering dedication to community betterment. Despite a demanding professional and civic schedule, Kevin finds solace in family life with his wife Natalie and their three sons, along with pursuits like tennis, cycling, snowboarding, and CrossFit, which offer a balance to his industrious lifestyle.