Luisa Calad

Having had the opportunity to work at notable organizations like AT&T, CNN, and Microsoft during important times in recent history, Luisa has been a key player amid global economic, technological, and political shifts. Now in her role as Principal Business Manager at AT&T, she oversees the improvement and leadership of crucial processes and strategies for the Technology Development Program (TDP). 

The TDP supports AT&T’s ongoing journey towards groundbreaking technological advancements, serving as a foundation for AT&T’s future technology leaders, guiding participants through hands-on experiences as software engineers, data analysts, technical business managers, and network engineers. Throughout her remarkable journey, especially in the media and communications sector with CNN and other media entities, Luisa sharpened her skills in leading global business programs, navigating complex organizational structures, and connecting with key executive leaders.

During her time at Microsoft, Luisa was a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion initiatives, showcasing her awareness of different cultures and a detailed understanding of the global economy’s dynamics.

On a personal level, Luisa’s story goes beyond professional realms, deeply rooted in community service and advocacy with a focus on societal betterment. Appointed by the Mayor as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Bellevue, she diligently reviews and suggests changes to the city’s comprehensive plan, promoting sustainable urban growth and public engagement. 

Simultaneously, she is an active member of the African-American & Latinx Advisory Committee for the Bellevue Police Department, working to foster a harmonious relationship between the community and law enforcement. Additionally, as the Chief Operations Officer of Huellas Sanadoras, Luisa supervises the operational aspects of a non-profit aimed at implementing animal-assisted therapy programs across Latin American healthcare systems, corporations, and educational establishments. 

Her involvement also extends to serving as the Media and Communications Chair on the Bellevue Rotary Board of Directors, showcasing her steadfast commitment to making a positive impact in her professional sphere and the wider community.