Rob Warnaca

Rob Warnaca

Rob Warnaca stands as a sterling exemplar of seasoned expertise and forward-thinking leadership in the realm of construction, currently presiding as the President of GenCap Construction Corp based in Kirkland, WA. 

With an illustrious 30-year journey in construction management, Rob’s substantial stint at Mortenson Construction, a national GC, saw him leading pivotal operational, estimating, preconstruction, and design phase services, with a keen focus on sports, life sciences, and higher education markets. Now at the forefront of GenCap Construction Corp, Rob champions the integration of new technologies and efficiencies, a visionary approach that significantly curtails costs and empowers their customers to offer affordable and desirable housing in the communities served.

Armed with a B.S. degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington and a revered certification as a DBIA Professional, Rob’s academic foundation robustly supports his professional pursuits. 

His influential footprint extends into academia and industry councils; serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington, Chair Emeritus for the University’s Construction Industry Advisory Council, and a Board Member of the Design-Build Industry of America (DBIA) NW Chapter. At GenCap, nurturing a diverse workforce through enhanced training is a prime focus, an initiative that catalyzed a remarkable 400% business and customer base growth over five years. 

Beyond his professional sphere, Rob’s commitment to community shines brightly through his involvement in the Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program since September 2019. Through this initiative by the Lake Washington School District, Rob devotes time weekly to his lunch buddy, a 3rd grader, providing that crucial additional support aimed at fostering success in school and beyond. This program, designed to pair volunteer mentors with at-risk children in local schools, reflects Rob’s dedication to making a meaningful impact in his community. 

On a personal note, Rob cherishes his roles as a devoted husband, a proud father to four wonderful young adults, and a loving companion to his French bulldog, Sparky, and Labrador, Moose. His ethos of “Building Better Lives” resonates profoundly, not merely through the structural marvels GenCap creates, but in the nurturing environment he cultivates for the holistic growth and success of his team, clients, and the larger community. 

His expansive knowledge across diverse market sectors and a unique lens on project delivery models significantly amplify GenCap’s flourishing ecosystem, encapsulating a legacy of excellence and innovation in the construction landscape.