Tony Williams

As the Chairman of W2A, Tony Williams has been a pivotal force in addressing public policy challenges across numerous major industries in the Pacific Northwest. 

His expertise in executive counsel, showcased through his advisory roles to elected officials, CEOs, and top managers, has made him a trusted figure in articulating and resolving complex issues. 

The inception of W2A came post Tony’s 15-year distinguished tenure on Capitol Hill, where he managed political campaigns, served as a press secretary, and was Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Slade Gorton. 

His Capitol Hill experience sharpened his understanding of public policy’s impact on the economy and the environment, laying a solid foundation for W2A’s mission to foster a positive future for the region. Under Tony’s stewardship, W2A has made significant strides in maintaining low energy rates, enhancing transportation infrastructure, and securing funding for vital healthcare services, all while promoting a close-knit, client-centric approach.

An Oregon State University alumnus, Tony’s dedication extends to serving on the OSU Foundation’s Board of Trustees and chairing the Beaver Caucus, advocating for higher education and OSU’s interests.

 His board memberships also include the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the Bellevue Downtown Association, reflecting his ongoing commitment to community engagement. 

Alongside his professional endeavors, Tony shares a fulfilling life with his wife, Cindi, a nationally recognized leader in education reform. The couple, residing in Clyde Hill, are actively involved in their community, with their sons, Joshua and Jacob, continuing the family’s tradition of education and community involvement, embodying the values of balance and societal engagement that Tony champions.